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Iron ore market is small confuse Chinese steel look forward to to ask Australia
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As a result of market of domestic iron ore low fan, enterprise of a few China has begun to ask company of Australian iron ore removes defer to deliver goods from October.

Australian auspicious cloth company of dark hill iron ore (Mount Gibson IronLtd, gibson calls hill iron ore below) will express on October 9, enterprise of a few China asks to defer in 2009 money year the 2nd quarter (will come in October namely in December) iron ore delivers goods time. But did not disclose specific company name.

But this company shows, abide by the client's requirement without obligation. Contrary, the company emphasizes a client should be being carried out strictly according to long-term sale agreement, collect goods. Hill iron ore weighs Gibson, have the effort on the foundation that abiding by long-term agreement and client negotiation, avoid to appear more dispute.

Hill iron ore expresses Gibson, the near future because of economic situation not Anacreontic with the policy with constrictive credit, demand of iron ore market presented descendent trend, steely manufacturer in succession reduction of output, haven also appeared the phenomenon that iron ore piles up.

On September 29, heibei iron and steel, head the controller of the enterprise is in the large iron and steel such as steely An Gang of steel, Shandong Heibei Han Dan holds the meeting, made the move of integral reduction of output in the light of situation of current and steely market, extent of reduction of output is controlled in 20 % . As a result of industry of real estate, bldg. , automobile and home appliance industry in succession reduction of output, the downstream market demand that causes rolled steel glides quickly.

Gibson hill iron ore is on the west bay a burgeoning iron ore manufacturer. This year in April, limited company of company of leading cadre international (next weighing leading cadre international) when trying to buy this Australia company, sufferred Australia buys commission (TakeoverPanel) overrule.

This year first half of the year, gibson hill iron ore sells work off in all 1.432 million tons of iron ore, include a mine and ore deposit of 712 thousand tons of 720 thousand tons of pink among them. The company shows, had become a basis already adequately target of market modification operation, sale target, crop target and relevant cost are estimated preparation. (origin: Net of finance and economics)

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