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Financial crisis comes over market of carry of global dry bulk cargo is immersed
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Afterwards will drop on October 6 after defeating 3000 integral col, rent charge of sailing date of Baltic dry bulk cargo leads an index (BDI) index still all the way be issued to lower levels. The blow of financial crisis does whole world of be a burden on bulk cargo to carry the market enters Xiong Fu, although be in busy season of four quarters tradition, market of carry of dry bulk cargo is walked out of hard also low fan.

Compare on May 20 inside year 11793 bits more highest, BDI index falls inside 4 months went 76% , drop big surprising. Notable is, the financial crisis that grow in intensity makes global option market gloomy, the heavy goods price such as crude oil, corn has fallen to the lowermost level since evening more one year, and it is in the market of carry of dry bulk cargo with bigger risk, demand lasts low those who confuse is anxious spread, FFA of line of section of lake a narrow passage between mountains boat (long-dated freight agreement) trade valence steeps fall inside September 50 % above, of Panama boat lease the home people in cereal, iron ore and coal goods dish chartering demand considerably slow down, bring about contemporary boat to go back and forth between chartering and hire of day of chartering of the number of voyages or flights to drop to from 2007 first since the lowermost level of 19 months. Visible, financial crisis has done the whole world bulk cargo to carry the market pulls Xiong Fu, although be in busy season of four quarters tradition, market of carry of dry bulk cargo is walked out of hard also low fan.

Recently international Monetary Fund (IMF) expresses, global economy front faces coast. Although the whole world is main,the Central Bank will announce to lower standard interest rate 0.5 percent in succession on October 8, but the lowermost level that that day heavy goods price still falls to a year to come: Crude price falls to every pails of 86.05 dollars, for the lowermost level since December 2007, cupreous price falls to every tons 5, 250 dollars, achieve since March 2006 new low; Include zinc, nickel, aluminium inside other cheap metal also drops to 3 years of half lowest level since; The price of a large amount of produce such as corn and wheat also falls to a year of lowest level since.

Regard market of carry of dry bulk cargo as the mainest commodity, the depression of iron ore market will bring about the coast of shipping requirement directly. The iron ore demand of near future China appears to drop point-blank, main reason is iron and steel is produced can quickness glides. Predict iron ore market can appear even 2009 supply exceeds demand, and of spot price steep fall also will make the iron ore of 2009 year long-term consultative mine price rises hard again. (origin: Chinese negotiable securities signs up for)

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