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Ji Baocheng: Steel group serves estate development to make beneficial exploratio
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Treasure of record of president of Chinese people university expresses into 8 days, group of the steel in China forms in development in recent years " in steel mode " , served estate development to make beneficial exploration for our country productivity.

That day, "Line of business of service of Chinese contemporary productivity grows forum " hold in Chinese people university, come from government organization, enterprise, academia nearly 200 people collect, union " in steel mode " the forward position problem that develops contemporary productivity to serve industry undertakes be discussed deep and communicating.

Ji Baocheng expresses, steel group has unique system transition setting and initiative resource gift in, it is Chinese productivity in serving estate industry conspicuous " window " . The development of steel group is our country in advance industrial structure advanced change chime attune, the breakthrough is current pattern of world division of labor was offerred draw lessons from a meaning goodly.

Discipline treasure accepted theory or formulation, in situation of current world division of labor, the developed country basically pursues products plan, trade the content shedding industry segment that is in value catenary high end, and the is in value catenary low end manufacturing industry link that the most developing country that includes China inside basically is engaged in low technology level, low additional cost. Steel group is in in development process, abandoned producing production segment stage by stage, strategical ground choice raw material is supplied, storage is carried, the development of product sale, products plan, research high end link that has magnitude of value of more expensive property, created " adopt pair of value chain the reset of each appreciation link and optimize configuration, advantage of promotion whole competition " new-style, inside biochemical chain upgrades mode, have sex of the look up before extremely strong strategy and forerunner sex, made progress of future of our country company new " vane " .

Huang Tianwen of steel group president is in in open address middle finger goes out, as Chinese economy fly, productivity serves course of study to becoming the dynamical source that modern economy grows gradually. Chinese productivity serves course of study to develop time weak point, the foundation is more fragile, the proportion that holds in national economy and whole service line of business is inferior, integral development compares lag. Steel group already succeeded in after realizing traditional trade enterprise to serve the strategic transition of the enterprise to contemporary productivity, continueing to carry out at present " specialization, internationalization, industrial change, informatization " development strategy, the practice that will develop contemporary productivity to serve industry ceaselessly is pushed to depth. (Origin: Xinhua net)

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