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China will build canal of steely company energy resources to control a center
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Will enclothe those who produce per year 3 million tons of above is large and medium-sized steel look forward to, electric machinery bad news can be mixed data center bad news also can become attention focal point
In future 5 arrive 8 years inside, chinese industry and informatization ministry will be right produce per year 3 million tons - of 5 million tons of above large and medium-sized steely enterprise builds canal of the sources of energy to control a center.
On October 10, organize in climate (TheClimateGroup) hold " Smart2020: The low carbon economy that achieves information age " (the following abbreviation " Smart2020 " ) on report news briefing, of industry and informatization ministry energy-saving with use department integratedly Yang Tiesheng of energy-saving department section chief discloses, these centers will use network communication technology and technology of the control that divide a pace, the real time surveillance that implements system of the sources of energy, control is adjusted.
He emphasizes, to steely enterprise, implement this technology gain ground, can raise energy efficiency 1%-3% every year, this will be energy of very considerable a section. In addition, canal of this one the sources of energy accuses a center to also have extensive applied latent capacity in the other sphere such as petrifaction, building materials.
Acted Chinese economy to increase the role of engine as manufacturing industry, mollie of chief inspector of project of climate organization ICT (MollyWebb) the lady points out, electric machinery bad news can have taken industrial waste time can 70% of gross; But, utilization rate of electric machinery energy, want compared with western country low nearly 20% .
Electric machinery, it is to show electric power changeover is mechanical dynamic device, it is the core of global industry activity. The transformer that electric machinery includes to be used at compressor and pump and the gearshift gearing that are used at transmission belt and elevator. Intelligent electric machinery, it is to point to carry intelligent power control equipment (IMC, a hardware that can control gearshift gearing) the electric machinery of adjusting control.
According to estimation, to 2020, if can promote electric machinery effectively systematic efficiency, each Chinese industry branch but managing the sources of energy of 10% ; Only this one, can help China reduce 200 million tons carbon dioxide to discharge, this number is equivalent to Holand a country is in 2006 discharge gross.
3 annulus develop the Hubei that gives priority to course of study in order to make high-pressured transducer Wang Hongying of Inc. general manager, right " finance and economics " the reporter expresses, once was opposite with this company 3 gorge reservoir undertakes Henan transform for exemple, 2000, carry pair of 3 gorge power plants only of 2 machine transform, managing many degrees of 1000 report.
Yang Tiesheng also expresses, current, china produces the bad news of of all kinds electric machinery every year to be able to cover with tiles, existing total capacity makes an appointment with above of 420 million kilowatt, occupy about with n industrial 60% of n. If electric machinery efficiency is annual,can rise 2% , so one year OK and managing with report nearly 30 billion kilowatt hour.
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