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Japanese steelworks or already accepted Brazilian mine to force the king or empe

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Yesterday, message personage discloses to the reporter, japanese steelworks had accepted price of iron ore of river valley of Brazilian fresh water to raise price the requirement of 11% , bilateral likelihood is in " 11 " before already came to an agreement. This is preliminary also the intention that realized price of Brazilian mine Europe and Asian price to be the same as valence.
Analytic personage thinks, although Japan carries valence to make compromise to Brazil, but the possibility that China makes concession is not large. After all scale of Chinese homebred mine can satisfy the requirement of 50% , and the heart that at present inventory of iron ore of 71 million tons of haven also promoted China steelworks is angry.

Chinese steelworks won't compromise

"Japanese circumstance and China are different, amount of Chinese homebred iron ore is larger, and the advantage requirement that Japan does not have this side. And the advantage requirement that Japan does not have this side..

Drop ceaselessly in domestic steel price, steelworks in succession below the setting of reduction of output, mine of merchandise on hand of domestic iron ore has glided considerably, mine of merchandise on hand already with long assist mine price is formed hang. If Chinese steelworks is accepted,raise price, mean potential loss.

Because Brazilian ore grade is higher, use country mine replaces the word of Brazilian mine, produce major effect to the production of steelworks. Because inventory of domestic haven iron ore achieves 71 million tons now, steelworks is short-term inside reject Brazilian mine to carry valence to still can keep active, but time grows, in square steelworks pressure is greater.

At present Indian mine haven quotes 800, 850 yuan / ton, newest quoted price is even low 50, 80 yuan / ton. And Brazilian mine C.I.F is 845 yuan / ton, calculate on port sundry fees, be in 870 yuan almost / or so tons; Consider the word of the raises price range of 11% , actual C.I.F achieves 930 yuan / ton. Bay mine C.I.F is 784 yuan about / ton, calculate on the word of port sundry fees, be in 814 yuan almost yuan / ton. Can see from afore-mentioned quote, brazilian mine (long assist mine is given priority to) the price already with Indian mine (mine of merchandise on hand is given priority to) the price is formed hang, this is large and medium-sized to China a meddlesome affection is not steelworks.

Domestic demand drops considerably

"Current, chinese client raises the requirement that defer lading delivers goods to us. Chinese client raises the requirement that defer lading delivers goods to us..

Develop of force of tycoon of international iron ore, need and need develop alleges all the time, will enlarge iron ore to produce ceaselessly can in order to satisfy Chinese market demand. But yesterday, gibson hill of company of Australian iron ore (code: MGX) releases announcement to say, although company and Chinese client signed long-term supply agreement, but as a result of Chinese steelworks reduction of output, slow down in demand, chinese trafficker raised the requirement that defer lading delivers goods, this can produce an effect to the outstanding achievement of the company.
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