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Rolled steel demand is changed hard inside abate trend brief
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One, demand of Chinese rolled steel is remarkable and abate since this year

Chinese economy began decelerate be issued to lower levels 2008, authoritative orgnaization predicts annual GDP increase rate is 10% action, than going up year increase fast fall after a rise nearly 2 percent. A few otherer important economic norms, wait like investment of industrial production, export trade, fixed assets, eliminate rises in price after the element, growth level has more fall after a rise, cause rolled steel market to appear from this " inflection point " , its are important the feature is demand growth momentum is apparently abate. Current fertility stimulative center calculates the business in occupying, this year 1, August accumulative total, consumption of apparent of countrywide rolled steel is three hundred and sixty-nine million and fifty thousand tons, drop compared to the same period 1.5% , than last year fall after a rise of the corresponding period 19 percent. In product of significant cost steel, car output grows 14.9% compared to the same period, amplitude is compared last year fall after a rise of the corresponding period 9 percent; Internal-combustion engine output grows 14.4% compared to the same period, amplitude fall after a rise 12.6 percent; Machine tool output grows 3% compared to the same period, amplitude fall after a rise 7.6 percent; Freezer output grows 4.6% compared to the same period, amplitude fall after a rise 18.2 percent. After entering second half of the year, output of machine tool, car still appeared to enjoy growth.

In consuming demand structure, although rolled steel of nearly a few months exports a quantity to rebound apparently, but 1, accumulative total still will be than last year the corresponding period dropped August 7.2% .

2, demand is abate the trend is short-term inside change hard

The main factor with abate demand of consumption of Chinese rolled steel is be issued to lower levels of Euramerican country economy, commodity of final cost steel consumes ability atrophy, cause China to rolled steel is exported directly and export two respects to put delay secondhand, and the industry of 3 big pillar of rolled steel of domestic country consumption -- estate, car and sale of synchronism of durable consumer goods are fatigued and weak, partial enterprise is forced to reduce construction and reduction in production thereby abate also rolled steel consumes demand.

Those who make a person anxious is, from henceforth the development trend of a paragraph of period looks, the situation with abate demand of countrywide rolled steel, end hard inside brief period.

Above all, 900 billion dollar of American saves city program to just avoid more financial orgnaizations to go bankrupt, did not solve financial interagency to lack accredit and general cherish to lend an issue; More inextricability American is heavily in debt problem. Because American is very big,current income uses one part at before overdraw repay a debt, the product using steel such as the residence inside a paragraph of period, car, electric home appliances
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