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Export quota is restricted coal export volume will fall comp
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Customs data shows, coal of our country only month exports a quantity to last since second half of the year fall after a rise, concerned expert thinks, at present quota of the 2nd batch of export has not extend, and the first batch of quota already place remnant very few, it is the main factor that restricts coal export. In addition, international coal price drops to also will affect an enterprise to export motivation.

Volume of export of second half of the year lasts atrophic

Chinese customs total office releases foreign trade data to show yesterday, this year September, our country coal exports a quantity to be 2.08 million tons, than last year 4.48 million tons exit measures the corresponding period to drop considerably 53.6% .

This has been export volume is successive since second half of the year fall after a rise of the 3rd month. This year June, our country coal exports a quantity to achieve 6.99 million tons, achieve record of the export inside year, after this 7, 8, month by month of 3 9 months is degressive. According to statistical data, whole nation of before 3 quarters exports coal in all 35.72 million tons, than going up year of the corresponding period drop 6.1% .

Although price of coal of near future international considerably fall after a rise, but exit all annulus will compare valence to still rise somewhat September, reach 129.7 dollars / ton. Accumulative total of before 3 quarters exports amount criterion by the violent wind of 2.29 billion dollar of the corresponding period rose last year to 3.78 billion dollar, grow 65.1% .

Customs total office did not announce coal number of feed inlet this to occupy, from on lunar data looks, 1-8 month our country imports coal in all 28.68 million tons, import a quantity to drop compared to the same period 18% , entrance all valence is 75.8 dollars / ton, rise compared to the same period 64.9% .

Hopeful of the 2nd batch of quota allots

The personage inside course of study thinks, current coal exports a quantity to drop continuously basically is the limitation that is exported quota. This year first half of the year, the country allotted the first batch of coal to export quota 31.8 million tons, 60% what occupy actual last year outcome to measure 53 million tons. Quota of the 2nd batch of export should be in originally July or will allot August, but during unbalance of occurrence supply and demand of domestic coal market, to make sure home is supplied, the 2nd batch of quota still were not sent tardy up to now.

Huang Teng of coal trade expert expresses, the government may be in a batch of new coal will extend to export quota before the bottom in October, supply a contract in order to make sure coal company is fulfilled to the coal of Japan and Korea.

According to Introduction Huang Teng, to September the middle ten days of a month, the first batch of coal this year export quota to still remain 6 million tons or so, according to every months at present 3 million tons of right-and-left exit are measured, the rest quota will be gone inside two months. Considering two the middle of a month that go, coal exports an enterprise to still need to continue to fulfill what sign with the country such as day, Han to offer coal agreement, the state may grant again quota of a batch of export.
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