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Go bankrupt reforming gives new rule to borrow housing to ap
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As " about going bankrupt reforming appears on the market the additional provision that company gross assets recombines share to release a price (ask for an opinion to stalk of grain) " come on stage, go bankrupt reforming appears on the market of the company directional add offer case and share price unhook, the personage inside course of study expresses, " additional provision " the cost that came on stage to reduce an enterprise to borrow housing to appear on the market actually.

Basis " additional provision " , appear on the market the company is entered go bankrupt reforming program, the reforming that via people court the ruling approves involves company gross assets to recombine those who plan to issue share to buy property in the plan, its release stock price no longer applicable and active " appear on the market the value that the company issues share is not gotten under announcement of resolution of board of directors that issues share to buy property traded 20 times a few days ago day company stock trades all valence. " and change by relevant each just talk things over affirmatory, refer shareholder plenary meeting to make resolution, resolution beard holds the 2/3 above of right to vote to pass via attending the partner place of the conference, and the 2/3 above that holds right to vote via attending the place of social community partner of the conference is passed.

According to statistic, up to by this year September, accumulative total has 11 to appear on the market the company is entered early or late go bankrupt reforming program, among them 10 appear on the market the company already was ruled by people court approval goes bankrupt recombine a plan. This " additional provision " come on stage, to these appearing on the market the company will produce not little effect.

Before this, because go bankrupt the emission of reforming company value is immediate with share price link up with, because this recombines,just borrow housing to appear on the market to come true must pay high equity subscribe cost. This year April, s*ST sea accept and recombine square short for Zhejiang Province large network is new sign recombine an agreement, in the agreement, the company deals according to before stopping a card 20 the stock of day trades all valence is as high as 12.21 yuan / , new subscribe of large network of short for Zhejiang Province forty-four million seven hundred and twenty-four thousand share, totle drilling cost is as high as 546 million yuan.

And go bankrupt the *ST Bao Shuo that reforming already finished, its are directional add send those who buy property to increase offer not low also. This year in July, *ST Bao Shuo bought the property of partial large stockholder with every 6 yuan price, share price of *ST treasure large already dropped to nowadays 3.11 yuan / .

A personage of the analysis inside course of study introduces to the reporter, of this additional provision come on stage, it is to be helpful for reducing character actually recombine to recombine cost just, conduce to those who be close to going bankrupt appearing on the market to the company obtains renascence as soon as possible and restore to appear on the market.
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