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King Qi hill interviews beautiful senator to say to will con
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Hill of Wang Qi of Vice Prime Minister of committee member of the Political Bureau of Central Committee of Communist Party of China, the State Council is in 14 days in Nanhai is violet Guang Ge interviews American federal senatorial Cha Ke. Hageer.

King Qi hill says, by the United States second borrow caused financial crisis to cause severe impact to global money market. China serves as the country that bear the blame, take seriously highly all the time strengthen with world each country communicate with collaboration, maintain international finance, economic stability jointly. Current, china is the most important is the thing oneself has done, this also is the largest contribution to the world. Chinese government will continued to take step, maintain stability of economic stability, finance, capital market stability. We have confidence, conditional, capable conquer all sorts of difficulty and challenge.

King Qi hill points out, sino-US establish diplomatic relations 30 years to come, two countries concern grows ahead ceaselessly on the whole, who cannot leave. Develop Sino-US relation to accord with beneficial of capital and profit of two countries root. Bilateral ought to letter of further tactic each other, the attitude that takes straight-out, deal with concrete matters relating to work handles contradiction and difference, continue to deepen the collaboration of the domain such as classics trade, investment, the sources of energy, environment, high-tech. He asks beautiful Fang Ke is defended Sino-US 3 principles that combine bulletin, do not do any things that damage Sino-US relation and Taiwan Strait peace and stability, in order to ensure health of relation of Sino-US constructive collaboration stabilizes development.

Hageer expresses, in connection of current each country closer and closer circumstance falls, strengthen the cooperation in the United States, to safeguarding international economy finance stability has main effect. (Xinhua net)

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