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Group of Er of tower of An Saile rice states 8 years polish
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Group of Er of tower of An Saile rice (ArcelorMittal) spokesman AndrzejKrzysztalowski10 expresses 14 days month, the crop of will polish factory year than cutting down 10% to 15% .

Krzysztalowski expresses, "8 years the end of the year is a when the iron and steel on the tradition produces business weaker period. The crop of a few branches also has this year drop, include important iron and steel to consume a branch, the output of car branch falls. The output of car branch falls..

Krzysztalowski predicts steely demand rebound will appear December 2009.

Steely 2007 crop amounts to the polish factory that how surpasses group of Er of happy rice tower 6.4 million tons.

Factory of this group Poland 2007 crop year than increasing 10% , net profit amounts to Luo Di of 2.8 billion at present (add up to) of 1.1 billion dollar about.

Krzysztalowski expresses, although reduction of output, group Poland factory predicts Ansailemidaer 2008 make up the deficits and get surpluses. But he rejects to offer to forecast.

Group of Er of tower of An Saile rice owns 4 steely plants in Poland, it is the steely production business with the biggest Poland, joined European alliance 2007.

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