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Steel price falls situation is more than agency is sent afte
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Price of rolled steel of near future whole nation glides considerably, price of Sichuan province profile will fall every tons from 6400 yuan September 5600 yuan, 5700 yuan; Plank price from every tons fell 6200 yuan 5200 yuan, 5300 yuan; Building steel products from 5800 yuan fell every tons 4600 yuan, 4700 yuan, and agency of one senior rolled steel discloses city of rolled steel of Chengdu estimate one's abilities, be in rest National Day the first day after 7 extremely big holidays, rolled steel price whole dropped 300 yuan, 700 yuan / ton.

It is price of rolled steel of countrywide big range glides on one hand, coil among them board the price glided every tons 2500 yuan; It is the huge rolled steel demand in rebuilding after Sichuan calamity on one hand, according to predicting, annual and total need rebuilds after Sichuan calamity 4.95 million tons of rolled steel, come to 24.75 million tons calculate need according to 5 years, if need rebuilds 10 years or so after calamity, complete province rebuilds to need nearly 50 million tons of rolled steel. By building steel products every tons 4600 yuan will calculate, the fund that buys rolled steel rebuilds every year to need 23 billion yuan after calamity. According to " restore basically 3 years, promote development 5 years, 10 years of comprehensive well-off " rebuild after calamity the target looks, nearly 70 billion yuan rolled steel is used up with respect to need in restoring basically 3 years.

This is a tremendous business chance to businessman of numerous rolled steel, but at the same time current steel price coast also is a test to them. Occupy the personage inside course of study to divulge, because steel price falls greatly and the agency of small steel products that there already was close 1/3 on field of the Chengdu City at present closes down.

■ trade current situation

Experience " cold current " 3 close down into small agency

"Rolled steel business is too cold really recently, like us this kind basically becomes the businessman that erects rolled steel, sale reduced 1/3 recently! " the personage inside the one line of business that sells according to old building steel products was being managed in Chengdu discloses, encounter as market of rolled steel of nearly a few months " cold current " , not only sale price of rolled steel market falls again, and 1/3 of serious also shrink controls integral sales volume, this lets operator of numerous building steel products the loss is not small, especially a few dimensions originally not big agency, the loss is more heavy.

Potential tremendous business chance rebuilds after operator of many nonlocal rolled steel took a fancy to Sichuan calamity, march in succession Sichuan rolled steel sells the market. Disclose according to this personage, the company of rolled steel sale that there is 5% at least on the market at present is to be in " 5 · 12 " the ability after the earthquake is new those who enter market of Sichuan rolled steel, but " the cold current that at present rolled steel market encounters, invite agency of a lot of rolled steel only then makings do not " . He discloses, this rolled steel industry encounters " cold current " already brought about the small agency that exceeds 3 to become to close down.
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