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Economy " barometer " become angry: 8 million tons of coal p
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Down Qin Huang westerly of dock of petrifaction of insular haven joint-stock company looks, the black lump of several square kilometer is continuous rise and fall, resemble a Mo Kushan of the part of the body cavity between the diaphragm and the umbilicus housing the spleen of traditional Chinese painting. Often the plane passes from low altitude howl, seem to want to look down at the sea of coal hill coal of below: What issue did here give after all?

This is a reporter the grand picture that in company of group of island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty the 7th branch will see on October 11, this company is designed store coal capability is 3 million tons, current and actual store coal approachs upper limit.

Joint-stock company has island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty 9 big branches, major store full coal? Among them the 6th, 7, 9 branches put coal more, basically go marine large ship.

This and a few circumstances before the month are disparate. What work in dock is former Liu Huilin tells employee of the 2nd branch the reporter, mix during snow calamity this year 6, July, here did not put coal almost, "Although put coal, a few days are over with respect to carry " . And at the moment these coal from this year the bottom will begin keep long in stock at the beginning of August in July, came to will achieve the history to put an amount on September 21 record 8.89 million tons, already was close to check and ratify of harbor of island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty 9 million tons highest store coal quantity.

According to information of Inc. of Wu of harbor of island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty, to on October 13, this harbor puts coal to measure small fall after a rise to reach 8.1 million tons, but still compare last year the corresponding period the 5 million tons tower above that put an amount is very much.

According to normal circumstance, reserve of coal of haven of island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty is 10 times of day of carriage ability commonly, but since October, volume of shipment of this harbor day is 510 thousand tons only, stocks has been day of traffic 16 times much.

"Obstruction " island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty

Harbor of island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty is our country at present the biggest coal outputs harbor, coal handling capacity occupies mouth of countrywide edge harbour to enter the water about of coal gross 50% the left and right sides, it is the main thoroughfare of the carry austral coal of our country north, have coal market all the time " barometer " say.

As we have learned, qin Huang carried handling capacity is controlled for 250 million tons outside insular harbor coal 2007, basically offer up a sacrifice from the sea should give the eastpart part, south province. Among them Shanghai, Zhejiang, Guangdong takes an in part about. Guangdong is 35 million tons; Jiangsu is many tons 2500, zhejiang is many tons 3700.

Since since 2001, harbor of island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty was witnessed frequently " coal barren " , often be to demand exceeds supply. And our newspaper reporter investigates understanding to arrive in harbor of island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty, because fear electric coal carries insecurity during the Olympic Games, will begin each district June from this year coal of large quantities of the report that grab carry, bring about each area coal reserve to soar.
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