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Wen Jiabao: Confidence maintains Chinese finance stability
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Chinese premier Wen Jiabao should be made an appointment with 14 days with British premier cloth bright electrify word, situation of finance of current international exchanges a view. Wen Jiabao expresses, this crisis is finite to Chinese influence, can accuse, fang Youxin heart maintains the stability of Chinese money market in.

Wen Jiabao expresses, square height pays close attention to the influence of international banking crisis to world economy in, a series of measure that evaluate those who include England inside actively to be adopted to stabilize money market about the country, hope these measure obtain positive result. Want to sum up the lesson of this crisis seriously, handle the relation of fictitious economy and hypostatic economy correctly, gather the concern with consumption, financial innovation concerns with what finance superintends.

Wen Jiabao points out, some closer year come, chinese banking industry opens to the outside world steadily, chinese finance orgnaization participates in the degree of international money market to rise somewhat, but still be in start level. The reform that comes for years enhanced Chinese finance to fight the ability of the risk. This crisis is finite to Chinese influence, can accuse. Want to hold sober head only, enhance hardship consciousness, had done each actively to answer the job, fang Youxin heart maintains the stability of Chinese money market in.

Wen Jiabao emphasizes, answer this crisis to need international society to strengthen cooperation, china will continue to produce positive effect with the manner that bear the blame. Current, to China character, the most important is the thing oneself has done. Agile, cautious macroscopical economic policy just will be adopted in, enhance the foresight of macroscopical adjusting control, specific aim, flexibility further, maintain stability of economic stability, finance, capital market stability, stimulative economy grows smoothly, more quickly, this is the largest contribution to the world.

Bulangzan is the same as the view that Wen Jiabao elaborates. Braun expresses, international society should the joint efforts prevents world economic depression, should strengthen to current crisis talk things over, reach global consensus, make up for the inadequacy that system of active international banking exists hard, strengthen the superintendency of orgnaization of pair of bank systems, transnational corporation, finance, rebuild global confidence. The effect that international society takes seriously and positive assessment China produces in respect of money market of stable and current international, flower just wish with in just strengthen communicate with collaboration. (Chinese news network)

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