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Chinese demand glides force force develop to reduce investme
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Force develop (the warning weighs RioTinto) presiding apparitor yesterday, of Chinese demand glide to already forced force develop to amend outspread plan. This action caused stock of global mining industry drop considerably.

Its are released in force develop the 3rd quarter is managed during reviewing, soup Mu • Aierbanisi (TomAlbanese) expresses, heavy goods demand of China has averaged apparent fall after a rise from the overheat water last year. He expresses, demand restores to increase the job that will be next year apparently.

China is this England - the important client of Australian mine business, the rapid growth of Chinese economy is in all the time aid those who push heavy goods price is rising.

Force pictures still shows, "The money market that has challenge sex " mean, it cannot come true possibly to sell to the end of this year 10 billion dollar is not the target of core business. Pay off for the help bought Canadian aluminous line of business last year (the debt of 44 billion dollar on the back when Alcan) , this company already prepared to sell these asset before this. Nevertheless, si Jian weighs moxa Er Barney, the balance sheet position of force develop is good, and have actual strength prop up the market to anabiosis first, sell Canadian aluminous course of study packs the business such as the branch again.

Force pictures shows, the uncertainty of global economy, mean it to will examine the plan that builds new ore deposit and outspread and existing business afresh. Aierbanisi rejects to give force develop to hope to invest the specific amount with economic project from capital, but he expresses, force develop " can fall in the premise that does not sacrifice to did not grow, reduce capital expenditure " .

The share price of force develop steeps fall yesterday 17% , to 23.57 pound, need than the competitor and need develop (the price that animosity of BHPBilliton) total share buys this group is a lot of lower. Need and need develop share price dropped 15% , it ever put forward to need with every 3.4 and need develop stock trades share of develop of a force, but the closing quotation price of force develop needs only yesterday and need 2.57 times of develop. The group of flower beauty resources that London appears on the market (AngloAmerican) closing quotation drops 20% . Rich when index of 350(FTSE350) mining industry dropped that day 17.3% .

Adjacent need and need the personage of develop expresses, although metallic price glides, this group still devotes oneself to to push the plan that buys force develop, and the period in market hardship, more reason incorporates two groups rise.

Data sources: FTchinese

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