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Work of design of research of feasibility of project of Zhan Jiang iron and stee
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A few days ago, the reporter designs the know on working conference the 2nd times from project of base of Zhan Jiang iron and steel, at present the feasibility of the project considers to design the job to had entered phase of comprehensive binding off, hopeful asks to be finished entirely according to overall plan in the last ten-day of a month in November. Elder brother of Zhao of group company vise general manager attended the meeting.
By June, after first time of project of Zhan Jiang iron and steel designs working conference, the each design unit that each project group and ginseng treatment Cheng design headquarters of Cheng of ironwork of Zhan Jiang steel developed feasibility research and research of relevant special subject in the round. In eye ditto eye feasibility studies the job is comprehensive binding off when, organization of headquarters of Cheng of ironwork of Zhan Jiang steel held design work meeting the 2nd times, the progress situation that studies the work to feasibility has comprehensive examination, comb the problem that exists in the job, clear each unit interface relation, made clear the working key of next phase, the plan that reports in order to ensure project feasibility studies Zhan Jiang iron and steel and quality.
Zhao Kun says on the meeting, current home builds steely project one batch to undertaking in full blast, competition is intense between these projects, accordingly, we must have sense of urgency, the feasibility that makes item of iron and steel of good Zhan Jiang seriously considers to work, take out withstand history to examine the technical program with real test, want a base of Zhan Jiang iron and steel to build the steely company that has competition ability most now. In work of early days design, should have held " dimensions of high-quality goods + " fixed position, insist to design high starting point of the standard, want in the respect such as program of equipment type selecting, technology from beginning to end around competition ability this one principle, height takes environmental protection and circular economy seriously, pay attention to own and compositive with large facility homebred change rate. Zhao Kun points out, island of the East China Sea of seat of project of Zhan Jiang iron and steel, social service and establishment of relevant form a complete set are lacked relatively, the primary requirement that build a plant is more difficult, unit of project personnel, each design, construction unit should have made the preparation that does poineering work difficultly. Zhao Kun still emphasizes, company of technology of project of BCU(treasure steel and in smelt metal Sai Di) collaboration is project of Zhan Jiang iron and steel an innovation that overall technology program engineers, relation project success or failure, must go further on current cooperative foundation, the steely project that has competition ability for construction works hard.

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