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Mitsui products is right bay the metal reclaims the enterprise is increased cont
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Mitsui products will announce on August 26, already reclaimed to waiting from useless old car iron and the whole world of the metal that be not iron are the greatest the metal reclaims enterprise -- Australian Sims group is increased contributive 18.9 billion yen, will contributive scale raised 19.2 % . Below the setting that rises continuously in resource price, mitsui products is divided outside obtaining mine rights and interests, still plan to be in downstream be called " city mine " domain of recycle of this one resource begins global professional work.
Mitsui products Ceng Yu last year in June to Sims contributive 19.9 % and become the largest stockholder, after passing, Sims and competitive enterprise undertook incorporating. Because be issued at that time new, the contributive scale that creates Mitsui products falls for a time to 16 % . This Mitsui products basically is increased bought the 3.2 % that already issued share. This company is right the contributive forehead of Sims so far already accumulative total reachs about 89.4 billion yen.

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