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Shen Wenrong says steel price tomorrow still has reduce a space
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China is the biggest limited company of group of sanded steel of Jiangsu of enterprise of civilian battalion iron and steel (next steel weighing sand) president holds president Shen Wenrong concurrently to say, next price of rolled steel of a few months still is reduced likely this year.
"Reduce a space to still have, at least won't rise. " Shen Wenrong said in Beijing a few days ago.
Sha Gang is China the biggest enterprise of civilian battalion iron and steel, crop achieved 22.9 million tons 2007, steel of treasure of prep close behind and saddle after this iron and steel, row China the 3rd. Shen Wenrong predicts, crop of annual of sanded this year steel will achieve 25 million tons, sales revenue is in 140 billion - 150 billion yuan between.
In what will hold on September 18 Chinese steely course of study bought forum to go up 2008, many steely enterprises all anticipate demand of iron and steel of second half of the year puts delay, whole industry will is faced with produce can surplus problem. Since 2002, course of study of global iron and steel is in fast ascendant cycle one round in this period of time, of Chinese steely industry year all increase rate is very few under 20% , countrywide steel output jumps from 200 million tons of 2003 490 million tons of 2007. The personage inside many course of study predicts, the annual crop this year may achieve 550 million tons. Nevertheless, xu Lejiang of president of group of Shanghai treasure steel thinks, the ground did not come the situation of a few months, annual crop cannot break through 500 million tons possibly.
Shen Wenrong did not make a speech on this congress. He is being accepted " finance and economics " also express when reporter special interview, adjust those who come so is fast some unexpected, he plaints say, "Glide a bit more quickly, be less than 50 days, you Feng arrives cereal. You Feng arrives cereal..
He predicts, bear the company with strong capability suffers an effect a bit smaller, of all but want deficit without profit, do not have market competition ability to some companies product, want reduction in production for certain. But, he is confident to Sha Gang. "When we still do not have reduction of output, and still do not have the brim to deficit. Although profit drops, sha Gang or won't reduction of output. Otherwise deficit, still be about to produce. Still be about to produce..
To iron ore of at present Brazil river valley of manufacturing business fresh water violates contract of as steely as China company, the requirement promotes the practice of valence, shen Wenrong expresses, china ought to take tough attitude, will reduce demand through taking the kind that restricts domestic output, force iron ore to produce business to lower the price. In the meantime, he thinks, price of next year iron ore should fall, "Should not go up again at least " .
Shen Wenrong still expresses, steely estate development of China ought to be given priority to with domestic demand, but ought not to adopt policy to limit export.
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