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Heibei steel look forward to forms an alliance torrent of linkage of coal of Sha
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"Heibei steely group ever invited me to made an on-the-spot investigation in the past several days ago. " on August 23, liu Tailai of deputy secretary-general of Shanxi cooking guild tells a reporter, produce steel to estimate the biggest steely group as home, this action of Heibei steely group is to be the linkage that quickens anxious company of its and upriver coal.

And the steely company that there was this intention recently is far not merely Heibei steely group, treasure steel, fierce steel, head steel, too steel also early or late movement, quicken the linkage pace of anxious company of its and upriver coal in succession.

Shanxi of Heibei steel look forward to recourses

Cooking coal cost already occupied coke to produce cost 90% the left and right sides. Coal washing plant reachs first after cooking coal comes out from pithead, cooking factory is bought from coal washing factory again wash cleaned coal coking plant. After this, coke acts as one of important raw material of refine cast iron, the cast iron that with its refine gives again by steel-making of go off with.

"If cast iron is insufficient, can join a part to expend steel, but our country useless steel is supplied still do not stabilize, the part still needs an import, and cost is high. " the personage inside course of study says, because this coke becomes the requisite of production of our country iron and steel. A ton of cast iron uses up ore 1.6 tons, use up coke 0.3 tons.

Output of Heibei province steel resides the whole nation the first, coke crop whole nation the 2nd. But Song Jijun of vice-chairman of association of Heibei province metallurgy tells a reporter, this province produces coke to already cannot satisfy demand of business of this locality iron and steel oneself, the close 1/3 of demand of Heibei province coke wants from the entrance outside the province. Shanxi is given priority to namely for one of ground.

Heibei saves industry to run bureau statistic data to show, january 2008 - May, enterprise of countrywide key iron and steel ton steel profit 480.21 yuan, heibei has 238.94 yuan only, ton the half that steel profit is less than the whole nation. Song Jijun thinks, the main reason that profit of Heibei steely industry drops is extensive of company growth pattern, integrated competition ability is poor, and the raw material such as iron ore rises in price to export policy quickly to adjust with foreign trade first half of the year this year.

Here the circumstance falls, heibei province held steely industry to analyse the conference a few days ago, the coal that plans integrated Heibei province, coke produces a business, through Heibei for instance Tang Shan opens Luan colliery and Tang Shan steely enterprise to establish strategic cooperation agreement, study steelworks and colliery " man-to-man " the side supports pattern, help steel look forward to is solved and reduce pressure of cost of upriver raw material. And " hook in " Shanxi cooking enterprise, also become the one pace step that its take surely.
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