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This steel hot-rolling factory develops new product to obtain new positive resul
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Hot-rolling factory is dug and develop potential of technical equipment engineering technology, below the circumstance that changes in market environment, develop new product hard, extend market space. September, trial-produce of this mill new development gives steel of wheel of BG490CL excel in and railroad of Q500NQR1 excel in to use steel, adjusted product structure to make contribution for group company.
Hot-rolling factory is had now 1700 with the modern hot-rolling product line with two 1880 top-ranking international, all in all place is had in group company production. While this factory is finishing product output index, the field is developed in new product, decided technical progress and innovation synergism tackle key problem project, start entire plant management and technical personnel, item-by-item decided plan of responsibility person, goal is mixed the time that finish. In the meantime, they with ultrathin, super- wide, super- thick wait for new and high product to be a target, dig and develop the advanced property that engineering technology of set of two product line equips, by group company the requirement develops rolling new product. Taste additional cost to raise high yield, satisfy market demand, they this the steel of excel in wheel of new development is thin norms breed, can save cost for downstream user, have certain market competition ability.
In the development process of new product, hot-rolling factory organizes professional technology personnel to undertake tackling key problem, collect relevant product to develop a material, pass strengthen with on the communication of steelworks of line working procedure and group company Technical Division, master the function that new development steel plants and composition in time, organize production meticulously, father to close product quality. In the meantime, they raised strict craft requirement to producing working procedure each, strengthen operation management, ensured new product tries make friends success.

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