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Heavy goods market drops make care of can of prospect of cheap metal market
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Magendatong company (JPMorgan Chase&Co. , zhou San of JPM) analyst Michael Jansen expresses, heavy goods market is the closest a few weeks of all fronts of nearly 20% drop the care of can of prospect of bovine city prices of adumbrative cheap metal market, but a few industry of the China after the Olympic Games restore production to spend prices to bring a hope to the four seasons.
Jansen judges make allowance for to look into in a metal express in the report, people begins to oppugn commodity market cycle to whether had produced materiality changeover; If undertake separate analysis to all sorts of metals, criterion the answer is affirmation apparently. Jansen reduced those who divide all metals beyond aluminium the price anticipated 2008.

The report of Jansen predicts 2008 of copper all valence is every tons 7, 985 dollars, relatively anticipate before this reduced 4% , predicted to will drop to 2009 every tons 6, 950 dollars are controlled.

But Jansen expresses, cupreous price may rebound before dropping to afore-mentioned levels reach every tons to achieved the historical maximum price that give 2008 8, 940 dollars, the reason is the factory after the Olympic Games new go into operation, chinese government will begin to solve economy to increase the issue of rein in, fixed assets investment of China will appear accordingly growth, carry thereby brace up the cupreous demand of the fourth quarter.

Till recently, the investor that sees much metal market places a hope all the time at a kind of theory, namely the adverse effect that the enlarge general of Chinese infrastructure project and home market offsets global economy growth puts delay to bring, this will cause the structural sex change of metallic price.

To cupreous price and aluminous price character, this one theory is correct on certain level.

But be in London according to tracking metallic bourse (London Metal Exchange, one basket of abbreviation LME) the LMEX index of cheap metal, although before this year two quarters are medium,cupreous price and aluminous price appear to go up considerably raise, but whole cheap plate piece can not achieve piece new tall.

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