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Industry of steel tube of international of the 5th Shanghai shows invitation let
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Industry of steel tube of international of the 5th Shanghai shows invitation letter

---------------Global steel tube purchases platform ----------------

Time: In May 2009 5-7 day

Place: Shanghai international exhibits a center (Lou Shan involves a way 88)

Approve an unit:

Sponsor an unit: International of branch of steel tube of association of Chinese steel structure runs material association (place of ITA) China delegate

Chamber of commerce of course of study of metallurgy of business association of whole nation of branch of profiled bar of cold turn of association of Chinese steel structure

Heibei of guild of Shanghai steel tube saves steel tube guild

Undertake unit: Shanghai Shen Shi shows service limited company

Support an unit: Inc. of group of steel tube of Tianjin of Inc. of treasure steel group

Friend of Tianjin of limited company of group of northeast spy steel sends limited company of steel tube group

Eye shot of whole world of TUBE SHANGHAI focusing

Since establishing successfully 2005, exhibition of industry of Shanghai international steel tube holds 4 successfully continuously, dimensions and effect year after year expand, international of industry of steel tube of progressively already establish communicates the main platform with collaboration, already became Asian area most professional, cover industry of whole steel tube to supply the international grand meeting of catenary.

Shanghai international steel tube was exhibited 2008 reach pipe fitting to be provided more professional, the topic is more specific, attract the ginseng of nearly 302 enterprises that comes from 30 countries and area to exhibit, show an area 12000 square metre, user of oil, petrifaction, shipbuilding, shipping, irrigation works, boiler, electric power, power station, colliery, project, general steel tube is attracted inside 3 days of exhibition period 18163 professional audiences, sea exterior everybody counts 2106. 82 countries, the market of 10 large trades purchases business, supplier to attend a meeting.
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