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Steel tube of international of the 5th Shanghai is exhibited -- wave action busi
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Steel tube of international of the 5th Shanghai is exhibited --

Flutter enrols business to be started formally!

2009Year international of steel tube industry grand meeting of top class exhibition, at present flutter enrols business to work to be started formally, shen Shi exhibition is summing up the investment that establishment of soft hardware of informatization and network increases on foundation of all previous exhibition, whole exhibit meeting investment promotion of 1 million conduct propaganda, assure to exhibit the practical effect of business inside exhibition period, the upsurge that starts grand meeting of top class exhibition with its excellent service.

Professional: Industry of Shanghai international steel tube exhibits the fair of international steel tube that by China 3 steel tube society that have authority hold jointly, involve stainless steel, special steel products of steel, carbon is not had character seam, solder canal, pipe fitting and treatment facilities product.

Domain: The product basically involves 10 large trades, be likeOil, Petrifaction, Shipbuilding, shipping, Irrigation works, boiler, electric power, power station, colliery, project.

Influence: TUBE SHANGHAI main abroad purchases area, euramerican: The United States, Russia, Germany, Australia; Southeast Asia: Vietnam, Kampuchea, Thailand, Burmese, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippine; And India, Iran, Turkey, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea.
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