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2008 (the 4th) exhibition of industry of Shanghai international steel tube
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Just be not being exhibited is more " canal " couplet the world

Industry distinguished gathering, focusing did not come

2008 (the 4th) exhibition of industry of Shanghai international steel tubeOn April 10Will wonderful appear on Shanghai international to exhibit a center

Millions of people is fixed eyes upon, industry year great event, exhibition of industry of steel tube of international of the 4th Shanghai, set sail amain, high-quality goods of embarking steel tube is revealed, forward position forum two big edition piece, the canal that carry solder, without seam a canal two big range of products, more pipe fitting of 2008 China International exhibits the corresponding period to hold, good fun links a station. Who leads " canal " technology, who can " canal " get the world. Get an industry the first information, force that develops outstanding business affairs, harvest your results, "Canal " stay in your world. Technology of steel tube of the 2nd China and market forum, the technology that you want, the market that I want, both and intuitionistic analytic, will surely find out your answer. Who says fish and bear's paw cannot hold concurrently, here leaves the high end that belongs to you, space and deepness accuse along with your palm. Angle, still be angle, the station is in " canal " angle decides height, wonderful be inOn April 10Shanghai international exhibits a center, begin shortly, be worth to expect, participate in please.

The detail lands please extend the network that meet an official:

More information asks be in harmony: 021-52501650, contact: Ma Jiang.

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