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The 4th 2008 China (Shanghai) international boiler, pressure vessel, conduit and
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2008The 4th China (Shanghai) international boiler, pressure vessel, conduit and relevant equipment exhibition

2008Year on May 28- 30Store of trade of day Shanghai world

Theme: Safe, energy-saving, environmental protection, efficient

Approve an unit: Shanghai people government external economic trade commission

Support an unit: Committee of science and technology of Shanghai of Shanghai Economic Commission

Shanghai quality technology supervises bureau of bureau Shanghai environmental protection

Federation of Shanghai industry economy

Sponsor an unit: Guild of Shanghai boiler pressure vessel

World rich takes international to show ad limited company outside group Shanghai

Shanghai 100 should show limited company

Assist run an unit: Shanghai is electric (group) equipment of special type of head office Shanghai is supervised examine technical academy

Shanghai generates electricity institute of boiler of industry of Shanghai of academy of equipment team design

Shanghai is energy-saving association Shanghai solders association
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