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Dozenth a congress of alliance of Asia-Pacific chemical industry and chemical ex
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Approve an orgnaization: The State Council of People's Republic of China

Director orgnaization: Ministry of science and technology of People's Republic of ChinaLiaoning saves people government

Sponsor a city: Chinese ● Dalian

Sponsor an orgnaizationOrganized By:

Asia-Pacific chemistry project is allied [APCChE]Chinese chemical industry learns [CIESC]

Government of people of city of Chinese · DalianAssociation of business management of Chinese chemical industry [CCEMA]

Joint orgnaization(APCCHEThe member is organized): Engineering meets Korea chemistry [KICHE]

Japanese chemical engineering is met [SCEJ]Engineering meets Thailand chemistry [TICHE]

Philippine chemical engineering is met [PICHE]Engineering meets Indonesian chemistry [IICHE]

Association of Singapore chemistry project [IES]
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