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Singapore international building and building materials are exhibited
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One, hold time: In May 2008 21-23 day

2, hold a place: Center of Singapore Suntec conference

3, sponsor an unit: Encourage exhibits a group

4, China acts as agent: Beijing cornfield connects meeting international to show limited company

5, showpiece content:

1. The building decorates material:

Floor, wall body material reachs accessory, the ceiling, appearance, defend bath and kitchen establishment, paint, coating

2.Housing materials

Roof reachs relevant device, frame reachs structural project, water treatment, structural material

3.The building serves a system

The building runs a system, electric power, illume, conduit, fire prevention establishment

4.Build equipment & tool

Construction machinery, how to defend a system, survey instrument, workshop machinery

4, postpone meeting introduction:

The Asia regards the exit of Chinese tradition as the market, occupy Chinese building materials to export portion 40% the left and right sides, as Asian economy anabiosis, building materials will become the importer with this the mainest area to taste. Southeast Asia each country is the main market of building materials demand, basically wait for 15 countries to import from China, United States, Canada, Sweden. The stone material of our country, architectural pottery, building metals output already resided the world the first, exit measures step up.
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