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Exhibition of industry of steel tube of international of the 4th Shanghai
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Industry of steel tube of international of the 4th Shanghai is exhibited reach China International pipe fitting to exhibit will in April 2008 10-12 is in center of Shanghai international exhibition to be held ceremoniously. Exhibition cent is revealed for steel tube high-quality goods, technology of Chinese steel tube and market forum two big edition piece, show an area12000 square metre , gather together domestic and international 274 enterprises ginseng is exhibited, item on display is not had by what steel products of special steel, stainless steel, carbon pledges seam canal, solder to take-over 3 kinds of big products comprise two kinds of big steel tube and pipe fitting, involve industry of oil, petrifaction, car, shipping, boiler, power station, colliery, nucleus, building, aviation, war industry, machinery to make, the user such as industrial factories and mines is applicable norms model.

Since SHANGHAI TUBE EXPO established 2005 oneself, get honest, Zhou Chuandian, Luo Bing is born crossing Wu Xi of association of Chinese iron and steel industry reach Yan Zesheng of branch of steel tube of association of Chinese steel structure to wait reach Chinese petrifaction share, Bao Gang iron and steel of Xiangtan of group, saddle steel group, Hua Ling, northeast is special steel group, before the course 3 successful use is done, grow quickly already to have dimensions and force most for the Asia internationally steel tube industry is famous exhibit meeting.

Cordial welcome comes round to look around about unit and user unit, begin commerce to negotiate, purchase order goods, we will provide good service for you wholeheartedly. More and timely information lands please extend the network that meet an official: . Specific visiting work asks connection:

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