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The United States is high grade useless steel and price of broken useless steel

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It is reported, because abandon steel to export inadequacy, steelworks is not lukewarm to abolishing the requirement of steel not fire, because this United States abandons steel price,go low again.

Useless steel price was in all the time since two months in the past reduce, greatly low the level of top this year price that will reach July this year. Current and high grade 195 dollars dropped before the price of useless steel compares a month / long ton. The adjustment that predicts useless steel surtax below one round can make useless steel price farther drop.

From last week 5, include to break useless steel is mixed bale the excellent price abandoning steel that abandons steel inside is 575 dollars / long ton (FOB) . Price of broken last week useless steel is 400 dollars / long ton, dropped 35 dollars / long ton.

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