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Heibei iron and steel: After be restricted to produce, the road is in He Fang
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Is steel look forward to restricted to produce head for " hemostatic " ?

Hold water before long Heibei steely group is given out after be restricted to produce information, make the central point that industry pays close attention to for a short while. This group is given out before afterwards after be restricted to produce the information of 20% , heibei steely group will declare again on October 9, be restricted to produce 10% to 20% .

Before this, heibei steely group already with head steely group of steel, Shandong reach consensus: Be restricted to produce 20% . Meanwhile, the Shanghai treasure steel that comes from Shandong steely enterprise to be located in top of pyramid of Chinese steely industry even also issued the signal that is restricted to produce.

The industrial news that causes by Heibei steely group first, solemn right now become Chinese steely industry to be in the collective consciousness of red-letter day of this deep fall.

According to the authority inside course of study the personage is analysed, price of near future steel is adjusted considerably, main reason is American banking crisis brings about each country economy to glide, exit gets pressure of inventory of limitation, steelworks is greater etc, add real estate depression, need to be pulled to the market inside move not strong, also aggravate steel value plunges. "Because stock of corner of steelworks early days is more, effect of reduction of output is short-term inside hard rapid be successful, steel price still will go probably low continuously October. " the personage inside afore-mentioned course of study expresses. "My individual is judged, this is a kind of of Heibei steely group hemostatic strategy. " save metallurgy politics to grind meeting vice-chairman Song Jijun tells a reporter, understand according to him, be restricted to produce product type to have a collective part, it is general carbon steel.

The product that has member unit from Heibei steely group is formed look, the proprietor of an enterprise that produces this kind of product at present should be in the enterprise such as Xuan Gang centrally. "Heibei is steely this year one of units of group main body the manufacturing blast furnace that Tang Gang wants to wash out relevant product, arrange of this with one action is to be in reason. Arrange of this with one action is to be in reason..

As we have learned, in the past a paragraph of period, occurrence blame of value of domestic steely market steeps fall normally, the rolled steel market of Shandong province and even whole nation appears persistent large area drops situation. 3 after National Day grows a holiday to pass trade in day, hot-rolling coils the value is total with 200 yuan / ton drop stop.

"The product of slump in price basically is general carbon steel, namely the popular goods of dependable quality that we say. " Song Jijun is analysed, the domestic steel look forward to such as Heibei steely group is reached this jointly be restricted to produce the operation, basically be common product in the market already profitless. "With its production of lose money in business is inferior to be restricted to produce adjust, this to the enterprise character is a kind of hemostatic strategy undoubtedly. This to the enterprise character is a kind of hemostatic strategy undoubtedly..
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