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Head steel says profit and loss balances a dot by puncture
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Head Zhu Jimin twelfth shows steel group president, head steel is of all kinds rolled steel price falls ceaselessly, already the profit and loss that puncture will set this year in September balances a dot. Head situation of steel general analysis, resolve new issue, strive to be in one O of 2 O year home is occupied in steely course of study top-ranking, to 2 O2 O year enter the world 500 strong.
Head steel is annual " 3 achieve " (innovation, achieve actor, do poineering work) experience communicates meeting twelfth pasture of the wife of a prince of Cao of Yu He north is held. Zhu Jimin discloses on the meeting, up to this month 9 days, head steel price of of all kinds rolled steel already fell to go to 2400 yuan 800 yuan from the apogee this year (RMB, similarly hereinafter) , still be in at present drop. "If take strong step not quickly, will face deficit of whole of steely course of study and the risk that prop up hard. Will face deficit of whole of steely course of study and the risk that prop up hard..

Zhu Jimin says, head steel whole removes the new steel mill to pasture of Heibei Cao the wife of a prince, be faced with still borrow, depreciation pressure, venture of operation of Ling Xingang plant is increased; transition just began a steel product construction, resource conformity ability, own innovation ability still is in accumulate breed level. In the meantime, according to world iron and steel the mature market in trends dominates 23 index such as menace of ability, circumjacent competitor, head steel is in lead position without. Accordingly, need to make clear located the position, look for exact cause fixed position to develop with seek.

He expresses, to be about to the new steel mill of put into production, forecast aggrandizement market, make good investment control, adopt a variety of means to begin new cooperation and introduce the measure such as ability quality mode since next year, do one's best realizes overall development to locate " 3 paces go " development strategy, be in namely one O of 2 O year home is occupied in steely course of study and respect of economic integration actual strength top-ranking, it is international to the year's harvest of 2 O2 O model large company group, enter the world 500 strong.

In the meantime, the land of 8 square kilometer that after Beijing steely course of study removes, vacates, garden of industry of the in advance originality that start, will special steel " green can harbor " wait for project development, accelerate development of the existing estate that be not steel, realize steely course of study " much ground of one course of study " development and the organic tie that Beijing area develops.

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