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Branch of treasure steel stainless steel is multinomial develop simultaneously a
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A few days ago, branch of treasure steel stainless steel answers the four seasons of treasure steel share to spend production to manage a situation to arouse quickly each requirement that congress raises, the organization is all middle-level cadre, expert, presiding and partial worker delegate undertakes special subject delibrate, promote crucial point around the engineering capability such as safe, quality, breed and cost, rolled out 20 multinomial and strong move, raise an enterprise to fight risk ability.
Since entering four quarters, market of domestic stainless steel is returned not get warm again after a cold spell, carbolic steel market becomes cold abruptly again, stainless steel branch faces enormous management pressure. Stainless steel branch is organized with optimizing production, raise ability of meet an emergency to attach most importance to a dot, optimize manufacturing operation pattern, reasonable arrangement overhauls a plan, strengthen the spot and market linkage; With the sale center and breed government department are strengthened in coordination, build produce and sale of day, week to communicate a mechanism evenly, breach of seasonable report contract and below period production arranges a condition; According to raw material vicissitude of the market, trends adjusts charging structure, reduce burden cost, go up in the production of product of stainless steel ferrite, austenite product at the same time, preferential the smelt technology that adopts appliance to have cost advantage; According to the craft characteristic of product line of new company of peaceful wave treasure, reasonable adjust breed structure, enlarge those who supply raw material of treasure new company to press week of delivery scale. In addition, tackle key problem in quality of cold hot product in the process, coil to be badly in need of the steel of test and verify, strengthen beforehand to communicate, offer money quickly, ensure product quality.
The respect promotes in quality, stainless steel branch puts forward " the moderate rate end that the four seasons spends main steel to plant achieves the history best level " target. In the meantime, perfect mechanism of feedback of quality of treasure new company, form with treasure new company as soon as possible 304, the consistent quality that 430 steel plant controls a technology. Stainless steel branch will be farther focusing gain breed, optimize breed structure, increase the batch productivity that tastes newly and quality stability energetically. The four seasons is spent, stainless steel branch returns a basis vicissitude of the market, add newly " reduce hot-rolling power consumption " etc 8 fall greatly this project, control each expense strictly, had done fall this synergism works.

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