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Abare: ぜ hires of ancient name for a kind of scorpion of of nest of naevus Z
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Australian agriculture and rich Bureau of Economics (Australian Bureau Of Agricultural And Resource Economics, abbreviation: Abare) express 22 days, as a result of Chinese iron and steel yield rises and demand of developed country iron and steel is exhausted weak, predict steely price mixes 9 years to will glide before 8 the end of the year.

8 years iron and steel consumes Abare predicting whole world rise 6% reach 1.4 billion tons, predict steely spending rises 9 years reach 1.47 billion tons, consume amplitude 8 years with 9 years of iron and steel among them 60% will come from at China. Abare says, "Predicting China iron and steel consumes growth to last driving " .

Abare predicts the United States keeps balance 8 years with 9 years of steely crop, predict European steely demand will rise 3% .

Abare expresses, yield of iron and steel of predicting whole world rises 8 years 6% reach 1.42 billion tons, predict 9 years to rise 5% reach 1.5 billion tons. Abare still predicts 8 years of steely yield of Chinese rise 10% reach 537 million tons, 9 years steely yield rises 10% reach 591 million tons.

Abare points out, "Suffer yield rises and demand is exhausted weak and credit market tightens up an influence, before predicting 8 the end of the year, mix 9 years steely price will fall " .

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