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Formal stop production of company of steel of Han of Heibei steely group is aver
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Recently, the product line of last general line that plant of great ability of line of company of steel of Han of Heibei steely group ran 28 years is official stop production, this is Han steel company accelerates structural adjustment, fall into disuse backward produce can another significant move. So far, plank of high-quality goods of Han steel company is achieved 83% .
In recent years, han steel company undertakes upgrading transforming to having equipment, wash out specific power consumption ceaselessly the product line with tall, additional low cost. "15 " during, han steel company washed out 2 steelworkses in succession of 1 million tons of converter of 3 15 tons of steel-making, steel backward produce can; The profile rank form that eliminated to produce per year 450 thousand tons 650 rolling mill; Produce per year machine of agglomeration of 5 of mine of 1.2 million tons of agglomeration 24 square metre; Workshop of a 7 when produce per year 360 thousand tons of white ash white grey kiln, fireproof makings backward produce can.
Falling into disuse backward produce can while, han steel company intensifies building the plank with in short supply home market deep treatment project, build a batch of product line that have world advanced level, the product line of thin plate of 1.3 million tons of cold rolling that includes banner level of a world, produce per year ability to be product line of 120 thousand tons two colour Tuban. Had collect hot-rolling thin plate, cold rolling thin plate, variety Tu Ban, medium thick board the series board structure that is equal to a suit.
Plank product makes the new window of Han steel synergism. This year 1 to August, han steel developed production to give zine plate of high strenth plating to wait for new breed of 10 many plank early or late, many breed fill is provincial and blank; Product push forward is Euramerican wait for market of numerous country high end.

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