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Domestic steel look forward to is in " coal barren " in search an outlet
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The price of international iron ore of prolonged has negotiated to end not easily, domestic steel look forward to with average the price of 85% rises a this generation price, the iron ore that changed relative stability is supplied. However, numerous steel look forward to breaths uncertain, be faced with coking coal again " coal barren " suffer.

"Of electric cooking coal contend for, exit rebounds and reason of the demote below coking coal output, bring about cooking coal price to last exalted, increase as downstream steelworks demand, predict to return those who have 20% to rise in second half of the year space. " held recently 2008 on news briefing of news of the 3rd steely trade, such Luo Bing of vice-chairman of Chinese steely association is unripe expression. Spurt in prices of cooking coal coke this year the beginning of the year, anxious price of 2 class metallurgy is the whole nation 1598.75 yuan / ton; July, anxious price of 2 class metallurgy breaks through the whole nation 3000 yuan / ton close greatly, rise nearly one times.

"Coke rose in price to raise steely company cost greatly. " horsepower of research center of information of Lan Gegang iron tells a reporter, "Coke and iron ore are steely enterprise in production most two kinds of raw material of the foundation, the price of coke occupies rolled steel to produce the 30% above of cost. " horsepower calculated brushstroke Zhang to the reporter: According to at present iron ore is mixed the price of coke, produce 1 ton of cast iron on average to need 1.6 tons of iron ore, amount to RMB 2500 yuan, need coke 600 kilogram, amount to RMB 1800 yuan.

"Cooking coal not only the price is high, basically be to supply insecurity, want to buy queue up even. " the market analysis that in Shanxi Jiao Xie held recently is met on, a steelworks manager that attends the meeting complains to the reporter say. This manager discloses to the reporter, at present actually steelworks coke inventory has been not worth for the most part: The level that stocks of coke of steelworks of region of country of Heibei the Tang Dynasty reachs 20 days or so in 1 0 day, inventory of northeast area steelworks comes generally 15 days in 10 days, library of steelworks of Hua Dong area exists 15 days or so.

The reporter understands, this year first half of the year, the main production such as tax of crop of group of Shanxi cooking coal, sales volume, profit manages index to all achieve the history best level. "Because,this basically is this year first half of the year skyrocket of cooking coal, coke. " analysis of Sun Ming of research center of information of Lan Gegang iron points out. Because at present coking coal output is added fast be in 5% the following, apparent under downstream and steely industry 9% add to the crop of 10% fast, in the meantime, the fat cleaned coal of Shanxi cooking coal contains duty value 1490 yuan / ton, under 300 dollars / ton price of international cooking coal is made an appointment with 40% , accordingly, coking coal predicts second half of the year returns those who have 20% to rise this year space.
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