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P91 P91 seamless steel pipe seamless steel pipe welding performance application
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P91 seamless steel pipe welding performance P91 seamless steel pipe according to the existing method of arc welding, including arc welding can be used (TIG) welding method. The choice of electrode and flux, it should be possible to weld and base metal chemical composition of the same or close to, the weld metal and base metal with the same or better creep and rupture strength. Because the thermal cracking of the steel is not sensitive to welding preheat to 150 ~ 200 ℃ it does not crack, and with a variety of steel, such as the P22 steel (pearlitic heat-resistant steel), X20CrMoV121 (martensite-resistant Hot Steel) and TP304H (austenitic heat-resistant steel), and other steel welding. P91 steel has been used in Dandong Power Plant (2 × 350 MW), Duck River Power Plant (2 × 350 MW), Yancheng Power Plant (6 × 500 MW), Liaocheng Power Plant (2 × 660 MW), Los sulfur plant (2 × 350 MW), the Zhuhai Power Plant (2 × 700 MW), Zou County Power Plant (2 × 600 MW), Meizhou Wan power plant (2 × 300 MW), the Waigaoqiao Power Plant (2 × 900MW) and other projects. Hebei Electric Power Design & Research Institute in the design of the Hanfeng Power Plant (2 × 660 MW) also used the main steam pipes of steel P91

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