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Seventh EU on anti-dumping investigation of Chinese stainless steel seamless pip
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Recently, the European Union officially launched the stainless steel seamless pipe from China anti-dumping investigation procedures, which is the 7th year from the EU anti-dumping investigation on China. Recently, Hua Di, Jiangnan, where science and other city 8 stainless steel prices Has been with Beijing AllBright law firm intention to cooperate to reach a respondent to prepare the joint actively responding. Earlier, the Wenzhou Municipality has informed the Ministry of Commerce, the companies involved and to the stainless steel industry association of Wenzhou warning information. Wenzhou Pan Pingping, deputy director of Bureau of Foreign Trade said that this is not me following in India Pipe joints after anti-dumping investigations initiated, and this year with the seamless steel anti-dumping cases. The case of the dumping investigation period is 1 July 2009 to June 30, 2010, the European Commission selected the United States as a preliminary calculation of normal value of Chinese products involved in the surrogate country. Customs statistics show that the survey period, Zhejiang on EU exports of such products worth a total of 3,000 million, of which exports nearly 16 million U.S. dollars in Wenzhou. According to EU rules, the maximum of this investigation could last 15 months, may push the European Union on China-made seamless stainless steel pipe impose punitive tariffs. This punishment may last up to five years. It is learned from Wenzhou, Huzhou, Lishui responsible for more than 20 enterprises involved in the relevant law firm and six, respectively, at the respondent Coordination. "There's not much time left to the respondent company, companies should pay close attention to Time, actively responding. "Department of Commerce and Trade, Deputy Director Sun Shaobo that the recent changes due to the EU anti-dumping procedures, he suggested, whether large or small enterprises, should positively to the pumping Sample questionnaire, a respondent cooperative enterprises, and then consider the next step after sampling measures. The EU has recently stainless steel seamless pipe from China after the formal launch an attack, Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce then held in the temperature of enterprises involved in responding to regional coordination meeting solutions.

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