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Steely situation depression is new a steel or suspend go int
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Price of near future iron and steel glides considerably, former on formal on October 18 put into production new the front faces a steel the situation that suspends go into operation.

"Current project completes a principal part of project of pasture of steel Cao the wife of a prince basically " , head when section chief of Wu Jianxin of department of steel group propaganda is accepting a reporter to interview, point out, "Entered put into production to plan stage at present " . As to when put into production, wu Jianxin not the front replies.

Occupy a steel group interior a high-level personage discloses, because steely situation is at present stagnant,suspending go into operation basically is, if head steel is in this moment put into production, will increase deficit; At the same time because increase supply, what cause rolled steel price likely is farther drop.

Head Zhu Jimin of steel group president will hold on October 12 2008 head steel " 3 achieve " experience communication also says frankly on the meeting, current the cost of a steel compares tower above of rolled steel price 1000 yuan of ~ 2000 yuan / ton, the profit and loss that will set September is nodded evenly already by puncture. He expresses, head galvanization of steel cold rolling is laminose factory, suitable justice cold rolling factory is in deficit condition, if the market lasts low fan will reduction of output.

Suffer a variety of element effects, steel price drops considerably. End on October 9, price of countrywide rolled steel from this year the apogee June all price falls 6338 yuan 1120 yuan of ~ 2600 yuan / ton differ, drop extent is amounted to on average 30% the left and right sides, already dropped break the price level at the beginning of this year. Head steel is of all kinds rolled steel price fell from the apogee this year 800 yuan of ~ 2400 yuan / ton differ. Current price already fall after a rise arrives 3400 yuan of ~ 3600 yuan / or so tons, and roll board the price is in 3500 yuan / or so tons, than cost tower above 1000 yuan of ~ 2000 yuan / ton.

"Produce loss of 1 ton of rolled steel with its 1000 yuan, still be inferior to be not being produced " , afore-mentioned head personage of steel high level expresses.

On Feburary 18, 2005, national hair changes appoint official written reply to a subordinate body head steel is carried out remove, structural adjustment and the program that the environment administers, decided Heibei saves pasture of Cao the wife of a prince to head of steel " new home " . On March 12, 2007, head the new project that steel is located in pasture of Cao the wife of a prince is formal start working, plan at formal on October 18 this year put into production.

Public data shows, head full name of project of pasture of steel Cao the wife of a prince is a steel capital Tang Gang ironworks, among them head steel group owns 51% share, tang Gang owns 49% share. Head plan of project of pasture of steel Cao the wife of a prince is achieved to 2010 produce per year steel 9.7 million tons productivity. (Origin: Net of finance and economics)
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