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Association of Vietnam iron and steel suggests the governmen
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According to Vietnam " economic net " will report on October 15, nearly 3 months come, glide badly as a result of sales volume of Vietnam home steel products and of price of world rolled steel considerably fall after a rise, already caused enterprise of iron and steel of Vietnam much home to be forced stop production. Recently, vietnam iron and steel moves finished product rolled steel to import custom duty on association proposal government, by 8% rise to 25% , rolled steel is swarmed into in great quantities and affect steely business of home in order to avoid China.

According to the report, jump over volume of steel of domestic finished product to press 360 thousand tons, billet 500 thousand tons, although arrive from now the end of the year each company stop production, home market is begged badly for be more than and won't produce rolled steel shortage. (Origin: Country website of Department of Commerce)

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