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2008 China International run material fair (Shanghai)
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Time: In March 2008 5-7 day Dates: Mar. 5-7, 2008

Place: Venue of store of Shanghai world trade: Shanghai Mart

Organizers/ organizes an unit:

China International commerce promotes branch of committee Shanghai Pudong

A Subsidiary To CCPITShanghai Pudong Sub-Council

Shanghai Pudong international shows a company

Shanghai Pudong International Exhibition Corp

Guild of Chinese nonferrous metal

China Non-ferrous Metal Industry Association

Exhibition of Hong Kong international engineers limited company

Hongkong International Exhibition Design Co. , ltd.

Shanghai Han Luowei shows limited company

Shanghai Hanroway Exhibition Service Co. , ltd.

Media supports an unit:

Pipe fitting of China of network of pipeline of pressure of China of mechanically-laid web of material of canal of China of net of pipe fitting of bend of China of website of pipe fitting of China of net of Chinese industry pipe fitting trades pipe fitting of bend of China of net of line of business of pipe of China of network of pipeline of China of net of net China flange extends network of business affairs of conduit of the China that make a net " metallic canal " " steel tube

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